GQ - A Rolex that ‘ticks’? It might not be fake – it might be seriously valuable

The Rolex Tru-Beat is a sought-after vintage watch that ticks like a quartz timepiece. And that's entirely the point… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - As collectors discover the Seiko 7016 ‘Monaco’, prices are climbing – and fast

The vintage Seiko 7016 ‘Monaco’ is a miniature marvel: a feature-packed automatic chronograph with a record-breakingly thin movement.
And it looks seriously cool…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept CW1: this is what the future looked like in 2002

When it launched in 2002 the bold and brash Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept CW1 it took the Royal Oak
line in a new direction... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How Ebel became the chronograph’s secret saviour

Since the once-thriving, venerable Swiss watch brand Ebel suffered a series of setbacks in the 1980s, its fortunes have been revived by a return to more moderate, subtle tastes. Today, its sleek 1995 chronograph – the 1911, Le Modulor – is considered a modern classic...Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How Rolex’s diminutive ‘Piccolino’ proved smaller could be better

First released in the 1930s and then reissued in the 1950s, the Rolex Explorer Ref 3055 was vaunted as the smallest chronograph in the world, at just 30mm across. It’s not a claim you can imagine watchmakers making today, but this little watch, nicknamed the ‘Piccolino’, had an immense impact... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How the ‘consciously anachronistic’ Chronoswiss Régulateur helped define
1980s watch style

Quartz might have been the buzzword of the 1980s, but don’t disregard the great leaps forward made on the mechanical side, too – including Chronoswiss’ masterful use of the “Regulator” dial layout... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How to buy a lust-worthy vintage watch for under £1,000

If you're new to the world of watches, you might love the idea of owning a vintage timepiece – something full of history and aesthetic interest – but have no idea where to start, especially if you're on a budget. Allow us to offer some buying advice and some suggestions…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How to collect Smiths watches - the best-value vintage timepieces of them all

Welcome to the collector's watch everyone can collect: S Smith & Sons watches, long on military history, short on the kind of valuations that preclude everyday investments into certain other brands. Better still, affordable hoardables don't come more home-grown....Adrian Hailwood

GQ - How to collect Smiths watches - the best-value vintage timepieces of them all

Welcome to the collector's watch everyone can collect: S Smith & Sons watches, long on military history, short on the kind of valuations that preclude everyday investments into certain other brands. Better still, affordable hoardables don't come more home-grown....Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Is the Omega Marine Chronometer the most accurate vintage watch money can buy?

Omega’s Marine Chronometer was produced until 1980, by which point cheaper quartz watches had asserted their dominance over the market. But it is still a landmark achievement, as the most accurate non-thermally compensated watch ever made... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Is the Patek Philippe ‘Tiffany’ T150 the ultimate retailer-signed watch?

The Patek Philippe T150 was created in 2001 to mark the longstanding relationship between the watchmaker and Tiffany & Co. Values have since shot up…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Is your Nato strap damaging your watch?

Over a long period of wear, a Nato strap can cause a watch's case back to develop ‘Nato rash’. So what to do? ... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - ‘Mecha-quartz’ watches are a thing – but what exactly are they?

Full of historical pedigree, that’s what. And if you want a great vintage example of a mecha-quartz watch, take a look at Jaeger-LeCoultre
… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - The Favre-Leuba Bivouac is the ultimate vintage watch for adventurers

Launched in 1962, the Favre-Leuba Bivouac offered an innovative new complication: an altimeter for mountaineers. And original models are enticingly affordable...Adrian Hailwood

GQ - The Omega Seamaster 120 ‘Recife’ has serious bragging rights

The vintage Omega Seamaster 120 ‘Recife’ is a weird and wonderful rarity that's relatively affordable. That is, if you can find one… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - The Rolex Bubbleback is the OG of Rolex collecting – and is now mega-affordable

Rolex Bubblebacks are starting to come back into favour, but you can still collect them for a lot less money than you might think… Adrian Hailwood

GQ -The vintage Hamilton Ventura watch is an Elvis-endorsed slice of Americana 

Made famous by Elvis Presley, the Hamilton Ventura electric watch is a collector's item. And you can buy one for less than £1,500…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - The vintage IWC ‘Romana’ is a £5,000 technical marvel. Want!

The IWC Romana Perpetual Calendar, reference 2050, broke slimness records when it was released in 1994…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - This 1970s Rolex is a horological in-joke that watch collectors can't resist

The Rolex Date 1530 looks like an Oysterquartz but isn't powered by quartz and fewer than 1,500 were ever made. No wonder it's so collectable
…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - This vintage Cartier looks like it should cost much more than £2,000

If you want a beautiful vintage Cartier that pushes all the right buttons, the 1980s Santos Galbée really is hard to beat… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - This vintage Longines is criminally affordable – but that's not why we want one…

The Longines Ultra-Chron is a slice of history: when it was released in 1967 it was the world's most accurate watch…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Want a weird and wonderful vintage Omega? Check the ‘not Speedmaster’ Teutonic

The Omega Mark V ‘Teutonic’ ref TI 345.0810 is a Speedmaster that isn't a Speedmaster – and it's a rare collectible…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Want an uncommon Rolex that's (gulp) affordable? Meet the Oysterquartz…

Yes, Rolex did make quartz watches – but not many of them. They're quirky, stylish and can be bought for less than £3,000. Collectors take note!

... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why a Google Alert for ‘Seiko Izul’ could be a money-maker

Chances are, you've never heard of 2007's Seiko Izul – it's bonkers, brilliant and seriously rare. Find one and it could be a good investment
...Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why ‘Breguet Type XX’ is the biggest cheat code in fine watches

Want to buy a sought-after timepiece from one of the world's most historic, rarefied watchmakers? The third-generation Breguet Type XX is almost laughably good value, and it will set you apart from the next guy…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why having a Domino’s Pizza logo on your Rolex is a flex (no, seriously)

Rolexes with Domino’s Pizza branding on their dials are rare items and they have a fascinating backstory… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why the 1971 Breitling ‘bullhead’ is charming the collectors' market

The Breitling ref 2117 ‘Pult Pupitre’ is a quirky timepiece that's full of 1970s flair – and, what's more, it's relatively affordable. For now… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why the insider's 'vintage' G-Shock of choice is the £200 DW-8300

The Casio G-Shock DW-8300 ‘Stargate’ (AKA the ‘Gundam’ or ‘Heavy Metal’) is a watch from 1995 with a cult following…

… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why the plastic Tissot Astrolon is soaring in value

The Tissot Astrolon didn't catch on when it was released in 1972, but in the last four years its price has increased by 900 per cent…Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why the Rolex Zerographe is the coolest Rolex you’ve never heard of

Launched in 1937, the Rolex Zerographe was the watchmaker’s first in-house chronograph. Imagine if the Crown brought it back... Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why the Zodiac Astrographic is the ultimate ‘mystery watch’

‘Mystery watches’ such as the Zodiac Astrographic offer a small dose of wonder at each glance. Here's how… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why this £100 vintage Russian watch is a hot collectable

The Raketa “Big Zero” was made famous by Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev. It went on to gain a cult following

… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why this 1980s Porsche Design watch might just be a sleeper classic

The Ocean 2000, made in collaboration with IWC, is an undervalued timepiece that looks ultra modern on the wrist… Adrian Hailwood

GQ - Why this rare Seiko Spirit watch should be your ‘mini grail’

The Seiko Spirit SCVE003 (AKA the ‘Rising Sun’) is a true cult watch. It was only released in Japan and sold out immediately – but it's worth hunting for. Here's why… Adrian Hailwood