For over ten years Adrian has written and presented watch training courses on authentication and valuation. He has taken part in many discussion panels and appeared as a key-note speaker at numerous events.

These courses are now available to the wider public and are suitable for valuers, auction house specialists, pawnbrokers, watch retailers, novice collectors, and anyone with an interest in finding out more about the world of watches.

Courses will be held in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

If you require the content of any of these courses tailored to your organisation or have more than eight people to train, it may be better for you to host a private event. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss this.

Adrian Hailwood Watch Valuation

Staying up to date with the latest developments in watches, both real and counterfeit, is vital in today's fast-moving market.

This needs to be balanced with an understanding of vintage watches, their development
and context.

Current Training Courses

Introduction to Watches Course

Introduction to Watches - The Fundamentals - 
One Day Course

An introductory program for those with little or no experience with watches. By the end of the course, you will have gained a solid grounding in the world of watches and you will be able to talk confidently about the parts of a watch, their functionalities, movement types, complications, and other intriguing features.

Next course date: tbc

A Deeper Insight into the Art of Watchmaking Course

A Deeper Insight into the Art of Watchmaking -
One Day Course

At the end of this one day course, you will have a comprehensive understanding on the more complex elements of watch making, including complications, case features, and the wide variety of manufacturing methods used in both vintage and modern timepieces. We will also examine the modern watch market and the relative brand positions within it.

Next course date: tbc

The Fine Art of Selling Luxury Watches Cour

The Fine Art of Selling Luxury Watches -
One Day Course

The art and skill of selling watches has never been more important. Striking the right balance between engaging and pushy is tricky. You want to make a friend, but you also want to make a sale.  This one day course will teach you how to combine your knowledge and your enthusiam in the most appropriate way, depending on the customer, and of course, the competition.

Next course date: tbc

Fake Franken Customised Watches Training Course

Fake, Franken & Customised Watches -

One Day Course

This very popular one day course will teach you the approach and methodology for authentication, and the resources available to assist you.  Learn what constitutes a Franken watch, the steps you need to take to identify them and the limits to what can be detected. You will understand the techniques used to identify customised watches and be made aware of the impact that various forms of customisation have on the integrity of a watch and its future value.

Next course date: 18th June 2024

How to value a watch training course

A Guide to Valuing Watches -
Two Day Course

Applying a value to a watch can be necessary for many reasons. It may be a replacement value at the new retail level or a replacement from the secondary market. It may be a value to sell or a value for probate or family division. For each of these situations, it is crucial to understand which market you should be comparing to and the exact nature of your watch.  This two day course will enable more competitive reserve setting for auction without being unrealistic, and prevent overlending against watches, facilitating better buying decisions.

Next course date: 4th & 5th June 2024


"This watch course is a great follow-up for those in the know and perfect for updates on watch stats and history. The super fake information is a must for these times." M.R.

"Another brilliant course!  So informative and covered all aspects of valuations.  Great tasks at the end with challenging examples to build confidence".  L.B.

"Comprehensive, lots of interesting information, the tip of the ice berg!
But not scary, very encouraging.  Thank you!"  A.R.

"I cannot recommend Adrian’s courses enough. In an ever-changing and challenging industry, the content he shares is invaluable." S.F.

"Adrian has always been easy to address and gives a very thorough and informed response to a request. His attention to detail and knowledge of watches in particular, is very valuable across the luxury goods industry" R.P.

"I have been a regular attendee at Adrian's training events, talks and presentations for the past decade, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable on watches or the watch industry. He can present detailed information clearly and entertainingly, irrespective of the audience's knowledge level. And he is my first port of call whenever I need assistance or advice on watches. He truly is a fantastic person to know." G.B.

"Great, practical, hands on training. I came away feeling confident about authenticating watches." H.D