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Knowing the correct value of your watch is vital when considering insurance, probate, or division. Adrian is a Founder Specialist Member of the Jewellery Valuers Association, focusing solely on watches. The JVA is the only independent body in the UK for professional valuers of jewellery, gemstones, watches, and silver. Members are trained to follow recognised principles of professional valuation practice to ensure that their valuation conclusions are thoroughly researched, evidence-based and wholly justifiable. With over 30 years of experience in the watch industry, covering retail, pre-owned, and auctions, Adrian is perfectly equipped to offer a professional appraisal of your watch or collection of watches.


Adrian is a prolific writer on watches and watch culture. He writes not only on individual watches and movements, but on the current state of the watch market, as well as its history and development. Featured in numerous print and online publications including GQ, Revolution, QP Magazine, The Telegraph, Retail Jeweller, and The Financial Times, Adrian writes in a style that is both informative and accessible, with an element of wit and humour. An independent voice within the watch community, Adrian writes with knowledge and authority gained from long experience and broad interest. He is equally at home creating blog content, both long and short-form, website content and sale listings copy.

Adrian Hailwood Author
Adrian Hailwood Speaker Trainer

Speaker / Trainer

Adrian has a wealth of experience in presenting, public speaking, and training. For over 10 years he has been the author and presenter of the UK’s only Customised and Counterfeit watch training course, providing education and support to watch dealers, valuers, auction specialists, and pawnbrokers on authentication and valuation issues. Having worked in luxury retail management at the highest level, Adrian offers training in both luxury sales and customer service. Watches and the watch market are engaging and fascinating subjects - Adrian has entertained audiences, large and small, with presentations covering the wristwatch market, watch collecting, the history of watch brands and the captivating stories behind them.

Broker / Advisor

With over 30 years in the watch industry, and long experience serving UHNW clients, Adrian has a wide range of connections across the retail, pre-owned, and auction sectors. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a specific watch, curate your collection, or just understand the market better, Adrian can offer advice and assistance.

Adrian Hailwood Watch Deal Broker Assent Lending
Adrian Hailwood Watch Industry Analyst

Watch Business Consultant

Adrian has a rare combination of experience in the watch industry, combining high-end luxury retail, pre-owned sales, and both traditional and online auction models. From the front-of-house, sales and customer service functions to sales and marketing strategy. From a fledgeling start-up to the restructuring of an established business, Adrian brings creative problem-solving and a can-do attitude. Whether you need inspiring people skills or analytic rigour, Adrian can help you achieve the results you need.

Recent successful projects include recruiting, supporting, and motivating teams; building customer journeys, both on and offline; implementing Fintec solutions including KYC, AML processes, and escrow; creating SOPs to ensure customer care remains at the heart of the business practice.

Pawnbroker Services

Having worked in collaboration with the asset-lending community for over a decade, Adrian understands the need for timely, accurate data with regard to market value, authenticity, and appropriate disposal routes. Adrian offers commercially applicable training at a number of levels from an introduction to watches for counter staff, to detailed assessment techniques for head-office watch teams. This can be combined with real-time pricing support to enable rapid loan or purchase decisions.

Adrian Hailwood Watch Pawnbroker Services

“Organising the valuation of a collection can be daunting,
but Adrian makes the process easy.
He is knowledgeable, efficient, user friendly and a pleasure to work with.  He even makes house calls!”

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